The Syrian Democratic Council

American lawmakers praise the role of the SDC during their reception of the “SDC” delegation in Washington.

US lawmakers affirmed their country’s support for the role of the Syrian Democratic Council and the Syrian Democratic Forces for establishing the stability and their continuous efforts to solve the Syrian crisis in accordance with international resolutions and legitimacy.
The SDC delegation included the chairwoman of the Executive Body, Ilham Ahmed, and Dr. Ghassan Al-Youssef, the co-chair of the Deir ez-Zor Civil Council, in addition to the co-chair of the Executive Council of Al-Jazeera region, Nazira Goriya, and SDC representative in Washington, Sinem Muhammad and Bassam Saqr, a member of the Presidential Council.
The co-chair of the Women’s Committee in the House of Representatives in the Congress, Brenda Lawrence, announced her full support for the Syrian Democratic Council and the Autonomous Administration, expressing her admiration for the state of the diversity and the harmony among the components in North and East Syria, and she said that delegation’s diversity is an evidence of the respect for all region components.
The delegation members of the Syrian Democratic Council spoke about the path that leads to resolve the Syrian crisis through dialogue and negotiation to achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people. They also talked about Turkish violations throughout the Syrian territories, especially in the regions of Afrin and Sere-Kaniye, Ras al-Ain, where its residents were displaced and more atrocities were practiced.
On the other hand, the SDC delegation members attended a meeting with the American Institute of Peace affiliated to the US State Department. The meeting was attended by the Institute’s president, her deputy and a delegation of experts who were specialized about Syrian affairs.
The SDC delegation members are scheduled to continue their meetings in Washington, DC, with officials to discuss the Syrian issue and ways to solve it.