The Syrian Democratic Council

The “SDC” meets with representatives of Manbij parties in a workshop

On Sunday, February 27th, and under the slogan “Towards a common vision of the political transition”, the Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council organized a workshop that brought together representatives of political parties which are active in the city of Manbij and its countryside, in which a workshop was in the meeting room of the headquarters of the Future Syria Party.

A member of the Relations Bureau, Jiyan Mella Mahmoud, explained to the participants the purpose of the workshop which was “a discussion of the political transition and development a common vision that empowers the parties and strengthens the partnership among the political components and create a national base to face challenges and achieve the desired political solution for the crisis”.

“We seek to unite opinions and the Syrian elites and this is considered a base of the policies of the Syrian Democratic Council, which has become an essential actor in the Syrian scene in general” she added.
Three matters were discussed in a workshop, the first of which discussed “the awaiting alternative” and the role of political parties in this, where participants agreed on the importance of the role of the “SDC” at this stage, which proved to be a democratic turning point that expresses a national project as a political alternative that starts from the Syrian base and pluralism in contrast to the authorities of the one-party tyranny and the failure of the opposition with an external dependence (Turkish).

The second matter dealt with the international community and its relations with the parties and blocs in northern and eastern Syria in general and in Manbij in particular, as the SDC was able to prove its work politically as a basic partner on the Syrian territories by support many political parties, blocs and movements.

The third matter discussed the objectives of the Syrian Democratic Council, its political project and the path it leads to resolve the Syrian crisis according to a national agenda based on the consensus of Syrians through dialogue and negotiation and away from exclusion and discrimination.

The political life and the formation of political parties and organizations were active after the liberation of Manbij on August 15th, 2016 by the Syrian Democratic Forces.