The Syrian Democratic Council

Aleppo hosts a consultative meeting that brings together a spectrum of Syrians

The Aleppo Cultural Forum held a consultative meeting on Friday morning under the title “Where is Syria going to” in the shaqif neighborhood of Aleppo city.

The meeting was attended by a delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council in addition to 35 figures from the national democratic powers and independent figures from inside Syria, as well as others via the Zoom application. It was scheduled to discuss the inclusive national and decentralized identity.

The meeting began with a welcoming speech by the preparatory committee delivered by the administrator of Aleppo Cultural Forum, Layla Khaled, in which she spoke about the purpose of holding the consultative meeting.

Ziyad Watfa, a member of the Political Bureau of the National Coordination Body of the movement for Democratic Change, a participant in the alliance of the SDC, started the consultative meeting by an opening speech on talking about stressing the continuation of meetings and dialogue, in addition to talking about the fear of the country’s continued partition , the turning of the crisis in Syria into a dead end, in addition to the emergence of formations because of the Syrian uprising including various opposition entities and formations.

Since 2018, the Syrian Democratic Council has organized a group of dialogue forums attended by more than 150 Syrian figures from various political orientations and affiliations, in addition to five workshops in European capitals and cities to develop an inclusive national vision leads to resolving the Syrian crisis and achieving the aspirations of the Syrian people.

The consultative meeting will discuss the national inclusive identity during its first session, and the topic of decentralization will be discussed during the second session.

The consultative meeting is scheduled to last over two days, which will end with a final statement on Saturday.

The Aleppo Cultural Forum, which was established in 2019 is considered as a cultural and intellectual body, aims to reunite intellectuals, especially after the occupation of the Afrin region in March 2018, in order to work on communication among the different cultures present in the city of Aleppo.