The Syrian Democratic Council

“Aleppo consultative meeting” discusses the national inclusive identity in its first session

On Friday, August 5th, the Aleppo Cultural Forum held a dialogue meeting among national and democratic powers and figures and a delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council.

In its first session, the dialogue meeting discussed the topic of the inclusive national identity, where a member of the Presidential Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ali Rahmon, spoke about the Syrian reality and the political, social, cultural and geographical partition of society, attributing this to the lack of a national identity of Syria since its establishment as a state. He touched upon the concept of identity and its societal forms, the nation-state and unilateral national identity.

He also spoke about the historical phases of national identity in Syria, pointing out the absence of an obvious identity since the establishment of the Syrian Kingdom in 1920 due to the major changes in territories, governance structure and regional distribution, passing through the French mandate, Al-Baath ruling and finally the post-2011 phase.

Rahmon pointed to the repression and local and regional tyranny exercised by the authorities in Damascus over the past decades and the transition of the popular movement in 2011 from a political-economic conflict to a sectarian conflict that left a destruction and a social disintegration.

He also explained the importance of the Syrian inclusive and national identity in ending the state of identity fragmentation in Syria and a gateway for the civil peace and coexistence, in addition to resolving the issues accumulated over the past decades.

He stressed that it is necessary to rebuild the social and physical infrastructure in Syria, restructure of education, in addition to setting a new political and media speech based on the concept of an inclusive Syrian national identity, and the establishment of committees for the civil peace.

During the first session, many other discussions took place, which pointed to the need to work to grant all Syrian identities and nationalities their rights within a participatory democratic framework that protects the rights of all Syrians in all their spectrum in order to overcome the crisis and move towards a bright future.