The Syrian Democratic Council

A Statement Issued by the Expanded Meeting of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council

The executive body of the Syrian Democratic Council held its expanded (semi – annual) meeting in the city of Raqqa over two days on August 13-14,2022 where many issues and matters were discussed at this stage, which is witnessing dramatic, local, regional and international developments. The body has also established the council’s activities at home and abroad in the past period at all political, diplomatic and organizational levels.

On the political side, the meeting discussed at length the continuity of the global crisis, where international conflicts and low-and medium-level wars are being fought in different regions of the world (eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific region), and the alliances that are formed among the great powers and regional powers in those regions, pointing to the complexity of the crisis and its lack of clarity.

With regard to the Middle East, the meeting stressed the conflict with regional and local powers, which can result in humanitarian disasters and their consequences for the peoples of the region, especially after the recent Turkish threats, which portend great dangers for the region and make the region to conduct endless wars in order to achieve its interests in the region in general, and to make Syria in particular within its old – new Ottoman project ( The Milli Pact ) to seize new areas of Syria and make them as parts of its rogue state, taking advantage of the existing chaos.

On the Syrian issue, the meeting focused on prolonging the crisis and the lack of signs of a resolution in the near future as a result of the policies of intervening international and regional powers, and the regime’s policies that are far from a political resolution and Democratic Change, which further complicate the issue.

The meeting also discussed in detail the policies adopted by the council towards local, regional and international powers and parties, stressing the importance of its role in this historical stage, in addition to paying attention to the current situation of the opposition in all its spectrum, its relentless pursuit to end the state of fragmentation and national division within its ranks, and the need to resolve the Syrian crisis on the basis of its political course in accordance with UN Resolution 2254. In this regard, the meeting welcomed all national initiatives that have a political aspect, with its national and democratic dimensions, as well as the humanitarian aspect related to the issues of displaced people, refugees, and forced absentees.

The meeting condemned and denounced the Turkish attacks and assassinations carried out by the drones, Turkey’s violations of the Syrian airspace and the sovereignty of the country, its indiscriminate shelling of innocent civilians, and its constant threats to launch a new invasion and occupation of more Syrian territories. Also, the meeting members denounced the international silence towards Turkey and its crimes against Syrians. The meeting warned of the consequences of the statements of Turkish Foreign Ministry officials in support of the central authority in Damascus, considering that they would change the demands of the Syrian people in achieving a political transition that achieves a radical and comprehensive Democratic Change. It was pointed out that the Syrian people need a sustainable political resolution, not a forced capitulation, leading to the reestablishment of a centralized authoritarian regime.

The meeting stressed the establishment of balanced relations with Arab countries, at the same time the development of relations with the Russian Federation and the countries of the international coalition against the organization “ISIS”, and openness to the policy of constructive dialogue with everyone who believes that the Syrian Democratic Council should have an influential role in the political process, considering that policy of dialogue is best method to bring points of view together and set aimed consensus with all parties of the Syrian opposition, considering that is one of the main goals of the council’s participation in the last two meetings in Aleppo, the upcoming consultative meeting in the city of Raqqa, the previous Stockholm meetings, and any meeting in which the council participates, based on national constants, and its dimension for the resolution project of democratic Autonomous Administration and its development.

The meeting was concluded by presenting proposals and recommendations aimed at developing the work of the bureaus of the Executive Body, and submitting them to the Presidential Council for approval.

On August 15th, 2022

The Expanded Meeting of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council