The Syrian Democratic Council

The Relations Bureau of the “SDC” meets with a leader of the ruling party in Austria

The Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council met in the Austrian capital Vienna with the spokesman of the ruling people’s party, ÖVP, in Austria and during the meeting, the Syrian crisis and the path of the political resolution were discussed.

Salah Farho, a member of the Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council, spoke to Martin Engelberg, a spokesman for the ruling party in Austria and a member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Austrian parliament, about the challenges facing Syria and its stability.

Farho explained the tragic conditions experienced by the Syrian people as a result of the ongoing conflict in the country for eleven years without any prospects for a soon political resolution.

He pointed to the negative role played by regional interventions regarding the Syrian crisis and its repercussions in terms of the complexity of the crisis, especially Turkey, which does not hesitate to destabilize and target the region with drones, as well as its constant threats to invade the region
and obstruct the efforts of the Syrian resolution.

Mr. Salah Farho & Mr. Martin Engelberg

The meeting discussed the efforts of the Syrian Democratic Forces with the support of the international coalition in the fight against terrorism through the pursuit of ISIS terrorist cells and by security efforts in Al-Hol camp and detention centers of ISIS leaders and members in northern and eastern Syria.

Mr. Engelberg expressed his admiration for the multiple model existing in the north and east of Syria and the state of coexistence among its components including Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Assyrians and other religions and sects, pointing to the communication with the Syrian Democratic Council in order to resolve the Syrian crisis according to the international path.

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