The Syrian Democratic Council

“Turkey does not want a resolution for Syria and we are at a crucial stage” Hassan Muhammed Ali said

The Co-Chairman of the Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council, Hassan Muhammed Ali, said that Turkey does not want a resolution for the Syrians, but it seeks to achieve its expansionist ambitions and control the area from Aleppo to Mosul, as Resolution 2254 states its withdrawal, which it does not satisfy. “We are going through an existential fateful stage for the peoples of the region, and therefore the risks are increasing and it will be accompanied by the emergence of opportunities within this third World War, as what happened in the two previous World Wars” he added.

That was during a speech he made on Wednesday at the “Fosaat Hiwaar” Hall (Space of Dialogue Hall) in Raqqa, amid the presence of a crowd of Raqqa intellectuals and an elite of literary, political and community figures from the cities of Raqqa and Tabqa, as well as representatives of civil society unions.

During his speech, Muhammad Ali stressed the continuity of the conflict internationally and the absence of resolutions for it as well as its repercussions on the Middle East by following strategies to survive crises and create chaos to impose dominance and gain control, which they are applied to most of the regions whose regimes have collapsed and have not enjoyed security until this day.

Muhammad Ali spoke about migration which has reached a significant stage and that may be the greatest historically, in conjunction with a major demographic change worldwide that does not limited to Syria only, which requires a cultural revolution by all elites to confront these dangers and develop consensual policies to find basics for resolutions.

He also noted that the Syrian Democratic Council is identifying the basics and working on pressure strategies by adopting the principle of dialogue, adopting the Syrian transition file and trying to reach understandings among Syrians such as the inclusive national identity which is considered the problem of the crisis because it was reductive and the principle of decentralization because authoritarian centralization has led the country to a structural crisis.

” Regarding the recent situation, what will be the fate of Raqqa and the northeast of Syria in general? If we are able to follow the right strategies and balanced policies, we will turn into a decisive factor, because after the failure of radical Islamist movements, factions that were dependent on foreign parties and all scenarios that related to, only the democratic project remains as a hope for Syrians” Hassan Muhammed Ali continued his speech.

Muhammed Ali concluded his speech by addressing points that support the democratic project in the north and east of Syria to become a model for the whole of Syria, whose responsibility is borne by the educated elites, such as good governance, transparency, strengthening institutions, developing capacities, fighting corruption and moving away from prejudices.

The attendees discussed the meetings held by the Preparatory Committee for the conference of Democratic Powers and Figures at home and abroad, the Moscow meeting, the Cultural Revolution, the role of intellectuals, the importance of education, the Syrian reality and the possibility of reform.

It is noteworthy that the “Fosaat Hiwaar” Forum (Space of Dialogue Forum) is an intellectual cultural forum that provides a safe and free space for the community that has been active recently due to the relative stability witnessed in the city of Raqqa in an attempt to restore its cultural movement to its former glory.


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