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A delegation of the Syrian opposition holds a press conference in Raqqa

”The experience of the Autonomous Administration is a Syrian and national experience, and it is the starting point of the resolution for the Syrian crisis”

A delegation of the Syrian political opposition visited the regions of northern and eastern Syria and held a press conference in which it dealt with various issues today, on Wednesday, within one of the institutional centers in the city of Raqqa which is on the banks of the Euphrates River.

The delegation was headed by Dr. Suleiman Hawari, who praised during the press conference the experience of the Autonomous Administration, describing it as “a Syrian national experience which is the starting point for resolving the Syrian crisis”.
“I believe that Co-presidency for institutions and administrations in regions of northern and eastern Syria is an operation of a common leadership” he added.

The head of the opposition delegation noted that “the experience of the Autonomous Administration is a real base for building a decentralized Syria,” and he added that “Decentralization does not mean separation, but rather means strengthening of the national unity and building a new Syria, the future Syria, if this model is applied to the entirety of its territories”.

On their role as a Syrian opposition, Hawari affirmed that it will be a real supportive party for every real project that seeks to build all Syrian regions from Al-Hasakah to Suwayda and from Idlib to Deir Ez-Zor.

Al-Hawari also noted the necessity of agreeing on the basic matters and postponing the controversial points to later stages when a question was asked about the political resolution and that the resolution should be intra-Syrian under the auspices of the guarantor countries and in accordance with Resolution 2254.

The Syrian opposition explained that the Turkish presence on Syrian territory is illegal and that the real guarantor of the national security of any country in the world is the people, not the border points or militarism and wars.

He pointed out the model which exists in these regions, that is a successful experience, despite its short time, challenges and shortcomings, but it deserves to be studied and must be applied to the entire Syrian territories and be applied according to the needs of the masses of the regions on the principle of the saying “The people of Mecca know its people”.

In conclusion, Dr. Suleiman Al-Hawari told the SDC media about the purpose of the visit, which is to see the situation in the regions of north and east of Syria, monitor the real facts, not issued by the media, see the Syrian people, and send an invitation to the Syrian opposition powers and movements to renounce the dispute and agree on the beginning of a new stage.

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