The Syrian Democratic Council

“The Social Democratic Party” condemns the Turkish attacks and considers them as successive episodes of aggression against the Syrian people

The Social Democratic Party in Syria condemned the aggression of the Turkish state against the Syrian people and its barbarism on Monday, and also it condemned the Turkish attacks on the north of Syria which is resistant, its occupation of a large part of Syria, displacement and demographic change, and the Social Democratic Party considered them as successive episodes of aggression against the Syrian people.
A statement issued by the Central Committee of the Social Democratic Party in Syria addressed the justification for this latest attack and described it as a rigged process in which the statement said that “The rigged Turkish process in Taksim Square in Istanbul has an obvious purpose in order to create a justification for a wide and great aggression against the Syrian people”.

“What Turkey is doing in order to create a pretext for aggression and its accusations against the Syrian Kurds are false and unfounded fabrications. Today, Erdogan is in a dilemma and he is waging aggression for achieving a gain in order to get out of his impasse,” the statement said.
On the other hand, the Central Committee of the party called on the international community to take a clear and dismissive position, by stating: “We are as members of the Social Democratic Party in Syria condemn these dirty Turkish aggressions and demand the international community to take a clear, public and rejecting position of the aggression, as we demand those who declare that they are supportive of the Syrian people to reject this aggression”.

The statement praised the steadfastness of the Syrian people, as it included the content as following: “the steadfastness of the Syrian people and their solidarity, and if we all stand united in the face of Turkish aggression, will be able to repel this treacherous aggression”.

In conclusion, the statement noted the sacrifices of the Kurdish people who are fighting for their legitimate rights, calling for unity and repelling aggression by stating that “Erdogan’s attempts to take revenge on the Kurdish people because of the struggles and sacrifices of the Kurdish people are miserable and unsuccessful attempts because the Kurdish people are fighting for legitimate rights while Erdogan is waging treacherous aggression”.

The Social Democratic Party is active inside the country and in the areas under the authority of Damascus; this party, as its founders know it, was formed by intellectual, political, national, and democratic parties and trends, and started its struggle under the harsh security conditions in Syria under the name of “Social Democrats” until 2005. Some of its cadres participated in the activities of civil society revival committees and in the national dialogues held within the third line with a group of political powers and national figures.

The party calls for activating peaceful democratic activity as a way to achieve radical and comprehensive democratic change aimed at establishing a modern civil democratic national state that mainly adopts the principle of citizenship.

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