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The Joint President Checks the Situation of Afrin People in “al-Awda Camp” in Shirawa Sub-district

On August 30, The Joint President of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, visited al-Awda camp in Shirawa sub-district, where Afrin residents live after Afrin region was occupied by Turkey.
In addition to the Co-Chair, the Syrian Democratic Council delegation included Shirin Qasso and Mohammed Hassan, the two members of the Presidential Council from Afrin and al- Shahba office.
 The delegation of the Syrian Democratic Council toured the camp and reviewed the situation of the residents living in the camp.The delegation of SDC met with the camp administration, where they discussed the situations in the camp, the services provided and the requirements of people, in addition to touching on humanitarian situations and challenges that face the residents.
For her part, the Co-Chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, talked about the centrality of Afrin issue and its people to SDC, noting that they in the Council consider the liberation of Afrin and the safe return of its people are at the center of their priorities and the ssue is always discussed during the meeting of the Syrian Democratic Council with various regional and international parties.
Omar said that the success of any political settlement or solution for the Syrian crisis pass, for them, through liberation of Afrin and the rest of Northern Syrian territory from Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, as well as the safe return of Afrin people and prosecuting those who are responsible for daily violations against indigenous people in Afrin region.
Omar also touched upon the heroic resistance shown by Afrin people in defending their region. In return, the invading Turkish army used various types of weapons during and after occupation, most of these arms are classified as crimes against humanity and unarmed civilians.

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August 30 , 2019

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