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A lecture on Seriousness of Marriage of Underage Girls Organized by Women Office in Aleppo

The Women’s Office of the Syrian Democratic Council in Aleppo with a number of women from Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood organized a lecture on the seriousness of early marriage and its repercussions on the society.
Many women from Sheikh Maqsoud attended the lecture, in addition to some women’s activities, as well as the administrator from women’s office in Afrin and al-Shahba office, Zainab Qanbar with participation of the member of the Presidential Council in Aleppo, Fahima Hamo.
The lecture highlighted the seriousness of early marriage and marriage of underage girls, which is a phenomenon that is harmful to societies. The member of the Women’s Office, Najla’a Hamza, mentioned the current situation of women and the problems they face in light of the customs and traditions that restrict women’s rights.
Hamza touched on the reasons that lead families to marry their daughters and mentioned the current situation such as the situation of chaos and war, as well as the phenomenon of poverty and low awareness among families, calling on families to encourage the community to give young girls the opportunity to complete their education and attain legal age in order to respect their opinion in choosing what suits them.
In turn, the administrator in Women Office in al-Shahba, Zainab Qanbar, talked about, the reality of Afrin women in displacement camps. Qanbar, also mentioned the negative impact of religious heritage and how society dealt with the inherited culture that digested women’s rights.
 In a related context, Qanbar, touched on the overall political situation on Syrian arena in general and north-east Syria in particular.

At the end of the lecture, Najla’a Hamza mentioned the most important obstacles that limit awareness of women, the
challenges facing their development in various fields, and she suggested a number of proposed solutions that would help women to overcome these obstacles.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
September17, 2019

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