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The Syrian Democratic Council Receives a High-Level British Parliamentary Delegation in Ein Issa

On September 17, the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) received a high-level British delegation including members of Britain’s two largest parties, the Labor Party and the Conservatives, as well as British experts and researchers, who discussed the future of the region, the Self-Administration project and the fate of detainees of terrorist organization ISIS .
The British delegation included MP from House of Lords, Lloyd Russell Moell, Crispin Blunt and Lord Morth Bluthman, and the Conservative Party, Adam Haloy, as well as a number of researchers, experts and journalists.
  The delegation was received by the Co-Chair of the Syrian Democratic Council “Amina Omar” and deputy of co- presidency, Gabriel Chamoun, in addition to the two deputies of president of the Executive Committee, Hikmat Habib and Nujeen Yussef, members of Public Relations Office and members of the Presidential Council .
The meeting dealt with several issues centered on the project of Self-Administration of North and East of Syria and the challenges facing it in light of current developments. The two sides also discussed the issue of ISIS detainees and the necessity of establishing a special international tribunal in northern and eastern Syria.
Regarding the experience of Self-Administration and the project of the Syrian Democratic Council, the Co-Chair, Amina Omar, told the British delegation:
  “The project of Self-Administration is the most appropriate project to solve the Syrian crisis. It achieves security and peace for the whole region. Our project includes all components and guarantees their rights without exclusion or marginalization.”
   Omar added, that the obstacles must be overcome in front of circularization of this project, all its representatives should participate in the political process and ending the Turkish threats to areas of northern and eastern Syria.
Omar continued :
“We have had a great experience in combating terrorism and part of it has been overcome with the help of the international coalition. This assistance was of great importance for elimination of one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations that threatened the whole world.”
For their part, the visiting delegation stressed that their main objective of the visit is to listen and see what is going on in the region and how to provide support to areas of northern and eastern Syria.
The British delegation conveyed their country’s keenness on ultimate elimination of terrorism and establishment of security and stability, noting that the future of the region depends on the will of its people and nothing else.
The British delegation added that their country continues to provide various forms of support to areas of northern and eastern Syria, adding that they will discuss what has been discussed here and convey all proposals about the region to the leadership of their country.
The British delegation entered north and east of Syria yesterday evening and was received by the joint presidency of Department of Foreign Relations of Self-Administration. The delegation also made a press statement about the discussions with Department of Foreign Relations and the reason for their visit to the region.

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September17, 2019

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