The Syrian Democratic Council

Statement to the Public Opinion

Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Authority in Damascus issued an estranged statement from reality in which it attacks SDF and carries them a huge amount of accusations. In fact, these accusations are groundless and we reject them altogether. We do not separate such accusations from tomorrow’s meeting among ( guarantors) of Astana in which it wants to satisfy Turkey and seeks with It for a road to understandings and normalization. In addition, the statement has a great deal of contradiction, it refers to Damascus government’s adherence to its mentality, which has caused all this destruction and allowed foreign countries to violate Syrian territory.
The authority in Damascus should have launched its accusations and threats against Erdogan regime, which is doing all it can to occupy more Syrian territory. In his latest example, Erdogan announced publicly yesterday that his forces would not withdraw from Idlib and warned Syrian army from approaching there. Damascus government remained silent and issued no statement of condemnation.This government views patriotism, sovergnity and independence from Russia and Iran’s point of view who are holding Tomorrow’s meeting with Turkey to discuss the Syrian situation away from the owners of sovergnity. The Syrian components in north and east of Syria had not seeked for separation but it was the only area that preserved the national state institutions. It was SDF that saved the integrity of Syrian soil and protected the peoples of the region through war on terrorism. We in the Syrian Democratic Council consider this statement a failed one as if it speaks of another region and another logic that does not apply at all to our regions; and we are sorry about the fate of the Syrian state under such mentality, we affirm that changing the centralized tyranny system has become a national task that must not be delayed.

September 15, 2019
Syrian Democratic Council

bhzad jan