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People of Afrin refuse Russian aid caravans in al-Shahba

People of Afrin and al-Shahba refused to receive the Russian aid caravan yesterday in the village of al-Wahshia in Fafin sub-district, provided to the displaced Afrin residents in displacement camps in al-Shahba area.
Yesterday morning. A caravan of Russian aid, accompanied by vehicles carrying members of their forces, entered the village of al-Wahshiya in Fafin sub-district with intention of distributing such aids to
Afrin and al- Shahba residents, but the caravan was rejected amid chanting slogans: “We do not want food, we want Afrin”
In a move which is considered by
people of Afrin and Shahba as throwing up smokescreen and diverting the attention of Afrin people from Russian collusion with the Turkish state to occupy their land and violate their cities and property.
 The people condemned harmonious Russian role with the Turkish state in looting and cutting off the lands of Afrin region, and its crimes against people of the region like killing, displacement and changing everything that is related to historical reality of the region, as well as extensive and systematic Turkification operations that are under way.
In rejecting Russian aid, the residents stressed on the need to expel the Turkish state from their cities and villages, the safe return of all its inhabitants and compensating those affected by inhuman practices of the Turkish state and its mercenaries.
 For more than eighteen months, the people of Afrin are suffering from the impact of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, which reflects only a malevolent occupation mentality targeting humans, trees and stones.

Prepared by
Media Office of the Syrian Democratic Council
September 18, 2019

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