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The Bochum Workshop Runs over the Experience of Self-Administration in the Activities of the First Day

Within the framework of building a national consensus and launching a general national conference for the Syrian democratic powers , the Syrian Democratic Council is organizing today, September 21, in Bochum, Germany, the fourth dialogue workshop in Europe and the second in Germany, with participation of personalities and powers from the Syrian Democratic opposition, as well as participation of activists, journalists and writers.
At the beginning of the workshop, the Co-Chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Riad Darar, reviewed their objective of organizing dialogue workshops and communicating with democratic powers that believe in the Syrian solution through dialogue and negotiation.
The co- chair continued his talk about the previous workshops held by the Syrian Democratic Council in Europe, describing them as constructive dialogues that can be built upon to reach a final solution to the Syrian crisis.
For his part, the joint head of the Public Relations Office, Jihad Omar, touched on the experience of Self-Administration , its structure and the process of building it in northern and eastern Syria, through participation of all components of the region, which is a small prototype of diversi fied Syria.
Omar also discussed with the participants the process of the Syrian crisis and how it deviated from its national course، its turning to a desperate fight for power and implementation of non-national agendas.
Omar also talked about the experience of Self-Administration in north-east Syria , which was subjected to a huge amount of distortion and falsification , with aim of destroying it in the cradle and depriving Syrians from administrating themselves away from guardianship and becoming dependent on others.

The workshop will continue for two consecutive days, in addition to experience of Self-Administrationt, it will focus on the road map to resolve the Syrian crisis and mechanisms of holding a national conference for national powers.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
September 21, 2019

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