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The representative of the Swedish Foreign Ministry to SDC: My country is in solidarity with you, and we are working with our partners to stop the Turkish aggression

The representative of Swedish Foreign Ministry Pierre Orneus expressed his country’s condemnation of the Turkish aggression on north and east of Syria and called for stopping the Turkish invasion that undermines stability.
This came during the participation of Swedish diplomat Pierre Orneus accompanied by a political adviser at the Swedish Ministry of Defense in the fifth dialogue workshop organized by the Syrian Democratic Council in the Swedish capital Stockholm with a group of Syrian opposition personalities.
The Swedish diplomat condemned the Turkish invasion and aggression carried out by Turkish forces in north of Syria. He stressed on “Sweden’s condemnation and rejection of this aggression”.
During his speech, Orneus highlighted the role played by the Swedish government in pursuing efforts to stop this aggression by mobilizing a European position in Brussels, calling for stopping this aggression, adding that the Swedish government decided to prevent the supply of arms to Turkey and all European countries should adopt this decision as the Turkish aggression violates international laws.
 The Swedish diplomat recalled the efforts made by the Swedish government in discussions in UN Security Council to adopt a resolution or an international statement condemning this aggression and calling for an immediate and complete cessation of all Turkish forces in northeastern Syria.

Orneus reviewed “the efforts of the Swedish government in providing support and humanitarian assistance to the region of north and east of Syria.” He said: “The Swedish government is in process of providing material support as an urgent and emergency assistance to humanitarian efforts in north and east of Syria in coming days.”

The representative of the Swedish Foreign Ministry stressed the need to work to change the stereotype that the media promotes that what is happening is only an attack on the Kurds, and urged the Syrians to change their rhetoric about what is happening in north and east of Syria, not only a Kurdish-Turkish conflict, he called upon them to show the rest of the conflict there, especially with regard to the experience of the Syrian Democratic Council and Self-Administration.
He also promised that the Swedish government would provide support and work to spread the facts and atrocities carried out by the Turkish state through various diplomatic channels to end this attack, with possibility of expanding the arms embargo on export to Turkey and possibility of economic sanctions in agreement with their partners in European Union.
The special Swedish representative on the Syrian file concluded by stressing on continuation of coordination, meetings and follow-up in order to make the experiemce of Syrian Democratic Council and Self-administration a successful one because of its usefulness for the future Syria and the future state project based on respecting all its components.
The Swedish diplomat, accompanied by a delegation from the Swedish Foreign Ministry, visited north and east of Syria during last summer and was briefed on the experience of Self-Administration and coexistence.

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October 13, 2019

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