The Syrian Democratic Council

Self – Administration for North and East of Syria-Statement to public opinion

Seven days after the start of the Turkish aggression, supported by militias from mercenaries in north and east of Syria, the humanitarian situation facing our displaced people from the areas affected by the aggression has worsened, amid the complete interruption of humanitarian aid, suspension of all international organizations and withdrawing of their staff from self-administration area in north and east of Syria.
The number of people displaced by the Turkish aggression has reached more than 275,000, including 70,000 children as well as to large numbers the wounded and the injured without providing medical equipment and care after most medical centers had stopped to work. The massive displacement of our people from Tal Abyad, Ras al-Ain other cities, towns and villages in north and east of Syria, has led to open schools due to lack of tents and aid after the humanitarian organizations stopped their work at the beginning of the aggression.
We in Self-Administration for North and East of Syria address an urgent humanitarian appeal to the United Nations, the League of Arab States and the European Union countries to intervene quickly and provide medical, logistical and humanitarian assistance to the displaced to avoid exacerbating of the humanitarian crisis caused by the Turkish barbaric attack.
Self – Administration for North and East of Syria
Ain Issa

15 – 10 – 2019

bhzad jan