The Syrian Democratic Council

Statement to public opinion

The Turkish army has gone too far in its crime to withdraw from the security mechanism established by the agreement with it and was implemented by the SDF between Tel Abyad and Ras al-Ain. Turkish aggressive intentions and attempts to occupy new areas have been identified since the announcement of combat operations on north and east of Syria with the aim of displacing its original inhabitants and housing families of its mercenaries from various Syrian governorates, seeking demographic change, controlling the fate of the refugees, manipulating them to restore the Ottoman project and Milli Charter and continuing extortion through Syrian tragedy.
The Turkish occupation launched attacks on a number of safe villages bombarded border cities using artillery and warplanes, introduced mercenaries from its agents, and incited sleeper cells that were planted by this occupation since defeating ISIS in our areas, leaving a lot of destruction, causing of dozens of civilian martyrs and hundreds of the wounded and targeting masses of unarmed civilians, as well as displacement of hundreds of thousands of their cities and villages as a result of indiscriminate Turkish shelling of populated neighborhoods and villages, taking advantage of emergency international conditions and the letting down of the international community.
Unsurprisingly, the great solidarity shown by countries, communities, elites and important political circles around the world with the fighters in the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and their support for such forces in their fight against the Turkish aggression. We welcomed these positions, such as the European position, the position of the Arab League rejecting Turkish intervention, and the role of Egypt, whose foreign minister received a delegation from leadership of the Syrian Democratic Council.
While we gave the opportunity to find a way out for a diplomatic solution, every hour passes, is increasing the number of civilian and military casualties. All the positive attitudes did not deter the Turkish army to continue committing massacres against civilians.
Hence, we at the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) believe that the SDF has shown its commitment to major tasks of protecting civilians, protecting ISIS prisons and camps from chaos, and defending the Syrian border against the Turkish occupation. The memorandum of understanding with the Russian army in Syria about coordination with the Syrian government forces in order to protect the sovereign border of Syria as a necessary step to prevent the Turkish aggression, and paves the way for further understanding on security and administrative issues later.
The Syrian Democratic Council affirms its adherence to its firm position against the Turkish occupation and that the priority is to resist this occupation. It also stresses that one of the reasons for continuation of the crisis in Syria was to insist on the military option and not to give an opportunity for the internal Syrian dialogue. That dialogue should be launched between the Syrians and continued until all threats are terminated against Syria and its people.
Our Council also affirms that the Turkish regime continues to manipulate the fate of the Syrians and use the refugees in Turkey as a card to pressure on Europe to achieve its agendas and seeks to manipulate ISIS card later. Therefore, we affirm that the international community is still required to carry out its moral and humanitarian duties towards the Syrians and their crisis, by exerting more pressure to stop the Turkish aggression, and to find a final political solution for the Syrian crisis that ends contradictory regional and international policies which have exhausted the Syrian people.
Such policies threaten the unity of Syria by division and fragmentation.We will work by all means to defend our land and continue dialogue to reach understandings that will satisfy our peoples in achieving freedom and dignity, and building a stable, democratic system that achieves justice and peace.
The Syrian Democratic Council
October16, 2019

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