The Syrian Democratic Council

Statement to the Public Opinion

Since October 9, the Turkish State has launched an unprovoked attack on our regions using all kinds of weapons, including aircrafts and artillery, to destabilize our region. The practices of the Turkish affiliated forces are similar to ISIS, even though these forces have different names. The Turkish State is also trying to use the refugees’ issue to occupy further Syrian regions and to implement the demographic change policy, just as it did in Afrin and other Turkish-held regions in Syria.

The Autonomous Administration reaffirms that what Turkey is doing amounts to genocide and occupational practices. We appreciate the positions of the regional and international powers, and all legal and human rights organizations that condemned this aggression. We hope these noble and historic stances could develop and be able to stop the Turkish attacks on our region and people.

We thank the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) for providing humanitarian and relief support to our people who were forced to leave as a result of the heavy Turkish bombardment. We also salute the resistance of our people at home and abroad, who participate and support the resistance for “dignity” in North and East Syria and defies the practices of the Turkish State’s fascism. We will increase our resistance against the occupation and terrorism, remain committed to restore stability and security, and work to achieve a democratic resolution of the Syrian crisis.
The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria
Ain Issa , 16 October 2019

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