The Syrian Democratic Council

The Co- chair of “SDC”: It Has Become Clear That Turkish Goal in the Region, Which the International Community Should Hold to Account it.

The co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, said that the Turkish state project in Syria threatens the security and stability of the region and threatens a future which will be full of crises and conflicts.
The talk of the co- chair of the Syrian Democratic Council came during a meeting organized by the Syrian Democratic Youth Council in Hasakeh, in the presence of dozens of the youth and their activities.
Omar talked about the goals of the Turkish state in Northern Syrian and stressed that its aggression on the Syrian lands goes beyond the fears that it invokes to expansionist ambitions in the region and reviving its Ottoman glories at the expense of the peoples of the region.
She added that the Turkish state, in its recent aggression against the region, used all the weapons in its military arsenal in order to intimidate and empty the residents of the region in preparation for applying its plan for demographic change and ethnic genocide.
She said that what infuriates Turkey is the advanced model that the peoples of the region do in managing their regions through embodying and consolidating the values ​​of coexistence and brotherhood of peoples.
On the future of the region and resolving the Syrian crisis, Omar said:
“We are ready for dialogue with the central government in Damascus on the basis of respecting the privacy of Self-Administration for N-E Syria and the SDF, which has defended the region and offered sacrifices .Such things should be established in the country’s constitution, away from descriptions that do not serve the general national cause in Syria.”

bhzad jan