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The Egyptian Center for Research and Studies Hosts a Session on the Role of “SDC” in Solving the Syrian Crisis

The Egyptian Center for Kurdish Research and Strategic Studies in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, hosted a dialogue session on the role of the Syrian Democratic Council in resolving the Syrian crisis.
The session was attended by “Ahmed Bahaa, head of the Socialist Union Party, Bassam Shingwa, director of the Chinese newspaper, al-Nour, in addition to the presence of the strategic researcher “Sameh Abu Hashima” and the journalist specializing in security and military affairs in the Egyptian newspaper “Al-Watan” Ahmed al-Ameed, while the Syrian Democratic Council represnted by Sihanouk Depo, the of member of the Presidential Council and the Public Relations Office.

The session dealt with the Syrian crisis, the paths to its solution, and the intervention of international and regional parties and their role in prolonging the Syrian crisis.
During the session, Sihanouk Dibo, a leader in the Syrian Democratic Council, talked about the project of the Syrian Democratic Council and the role it played in rapprochement through the Syrian-Syrian dialogue.
Dibo added that the Syrian Democratic Council project embodies the democratic change project that preserves the unity and territorial integrity of Syria.
The session highlighted the role of the Syrian Democratic Forces in defeating terrorism, thwarting the new Ottoman project and countering the Turkish invasion of N-E Syria.
In his turn, Dibo appreciated the role of the Arab Republic of Egypt in bringing stability to the region and resolving the Syrian crisis, and he also thanked Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi for his last position about the necessity of resolving the Syrian crisis, resolving the Kurdish issue and preserving the Syrian collective identity.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
December 19, 2019

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