The Syrian Democratic Council

In North and East Syria: all components are authentic and have not come from any other area

Parties and political formations in North and East Syria issued a statement to public opinion, confirming that the components of Syrian people in North and East of the country : Arabs, Kurds, Syriacs, and all components existing there are authentic and coexisting in their regions with each other before drawing up the borders of the current Syrian state.

The statement pointed out that after nine years of killing, displacement and destruction in Syria, the central government in Damascus speaks with the same mentality and language that was the reason for what happened to Syrian people and the disaster that happened to them, far from reality and from the lessons that should have been concluded from the Syrian tragedy and the sufferings that Syrian people suffer from with all their components.

Political parties criticize Damascus’s rhetoric towards the components of the region that coalesced and defended their existence when the regime left them prey to dark terrorism and its users, such components were able to develop their own administration to be an example for all Syria.

The political formations see that the Syrian government’s insistence and reading of the general scene, especially in North and East of the country; is a wrong approach and does not serve the interests of Syrian people. It is with these positions that it agrees with Turkey and is in harmony with Erdogan’s plans against our country, Syria

The statement describes that the denial of any component is a ” dissociation from reality “, stressing at the same time that there is no choice in achieving stability and solution except for a real and democratic project that stems from the need and Syrian national representation.

The statement called on the Syrian government to adopt the language of reason and read the Syrian reality as it is without any disregard, and that the stage needs actual and realistic positions that achieve stability and safety for the Kurdish issue and the rest of issues that require a solution to reach a democratic and decentralized Syria.

The statement emphasized in its conclusion that parties and political powers in N-E Syria are part of the project for a democratic solution in Syria.

A number of political parties and powers in N-E Syria participated in issuing the statement:


▪Syria Future Party

▪ National Coordination Body- Movement for Democratic Change

▪Democratic Union Party

▪Syriac Union Party

▪ Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party

▪ The Kurdistan Liberal Union

▪ Kurdistan Communist Party

▪ Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria

▪ Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party

▪ The Kurdish Left Party in Syria

▪ The Kurdish Left Democratic Party in Syria

▪ Kurdistan National Rally Party

▪ Kurdistan Democratic Change Party

▪Kurdistan Renewal Movement

▪ Kurdistan Workers Union

▪ The Arab National Body

▪ Party of Modernity and Democracy for Syria

▪ Kurdistan Green Party

▪ Syrian Kurdish Democratic Accord Party

▪ Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti)

▪ Reform Movement – Syria

▪ Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria (Al-Party)

▪ Assyrian Democratic Party

▪ Kurdistan Brotherhood Party

▪ Kurdish Democratic Roj Party in Syria

▪ Free National Union – Rojava

▪ Kurdistan Future Trend

▪Democratic Society Movement

▪ Star Conference

▪ Democratic Conservative Party

▪Democratic Struggle Party

▪The Kurdistan Republican Party