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International Commission of Inquiry: Turkey’s hostilities in North Syria have caused a humanitarian catastrophe

In its report issued at the beginning of current March, the International Commission of Inquiry at International Human Rights Council mentions the sufferings and harsh conditions experienced by the Syrians, especially in areas of conflict and war.

The report mostly mentions violations against civilians, specifically those practices of Turkey and its terrorist factions in the areas they occupy in Syrian territory.

In its report, the International Commission of Inquiry documents that the Turkish army and the terrorist factions affiliated with the so-called ” National Army” within its latest operation under the name ” Peace Spring Operation” have caused displacement of more than 100 people within 24 hours of starting the operations.

The report continues that the hostilities of Turkey and its factions are associated with looting and seizure of property of indigenous people.

The report adds that women in Afrin region occupied by Turkish state are subjected to restrictions and daily violations, which make leaving their homes a real risk, especially for those belonging to Kurdish and Yazidi components.

Commissioner, Hani Mejalli says that the actions of militants in Afrin undermine the ability of women to participate and contribute effectively to their societies. This must be ended.

The committee devoted a section of its report to mention the sufferings of the residents in Idlib. The ongoing air strikes in parts of southern Idlib left civilians no choice but to flee. The majority of 948,000 civilians displaced in Northwest are women and children, where thousands are living in open areas during harsh winter months. The crisis in Idlib – where more than three million people live – is turning into a humanitarian disaster, while families continue to flee and children freeze to death.

According to Commissioner Karen Koning AbuZayd, “The urgent priority for all civilians must be to obtain food, water and medical assistance they urgently need. Facilitating access for observers and operating protection parties is essential to protect the rights of civilians. ”

The report concludes with a number of recommendations for the government, warring parties, and international community to improve protection of civilians. “I urge all parties involved in the conflict to enter into a dialogue based on goodwill, put an end to this tragic conflict and allow unimpeded delivery of aid and humanitarian assistance to all those in need immediately,” said the commission’s president, Paulo Sergio Pinheiro.

The Human Rights Council established an Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria on August 22, 2011 and was entrusted with investigating all alleged violations of international human rights law since March 2011 in Syria.


Prepared by
Media of the Syrian Democratic Council

March 06, 2020