The Syrian Democratic Council

The Representative of SDC in Washington Attends a Seminar on Women

The Co-chair of the Representation Office of the Syrian Democratic Council in Washington, Sinem Muhammed, attended a seminar held by Department of Gender Equality at George Washington University in Washington, DC.
At the invitation of a group of American political and diplomatic personalities, the representative of the Syrian Democratic Council, Sinem Muhammed, presented a speech in which she talked about women in North and Easte Syria and their experience under Self-Administration.
Mohamad enlightened various aspects of form of women’s organizations and institutions that exist in North and East of the country, and how women were able to organize themselves and manage their affairs in light of prevailing conditions in Syria.
The representative of SDC in Washington also spoke during the symposium about the system of joint presidency in Self-Administration and institutions bodies. She also talked about women’s councils that educate women to be effective in their societies and the role of women in protecting the gains they achieved alongside men in all aspects.
Muhammad stressed during her speech on the importance and necessity of women’s participation in international endeavors to solve the Syrian crisis, such as the Constitutional Committee, Geneva meetings and relevant international gatherings, since women are considered peacemakers.
The gender equality department of the United Nations is concerned with coordinating all policies, strategies and actions undertaken by the organization in order to promote gender equality and empower women as well as building individual and organizational capabilities of them.

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March 07, 2020