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The Syrian Democratic Council congratulates Democratic Union Party for holding its eighth conference

Today, a delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council congratulated Democratic Union Party on the occasion of holding the eighth conference of the party and electing a joint leadership to lead the party, at the general headquarter of the Party in the city of Qamishlo.

The delegation of the Syrian Democratic Council included the co-chair, Amina Omar, deputy president of the Executive Body of SDC Nujeen Yousef and Hekmat Habib, the formal spokesperson of SDC, Amjad Osman, the joint head of the Public Relations Office, Jihad Omar, and the member of the Presidential Council, Ali Rahmoun, While they were received by the joint head of Democratic Union Party, Aisha Hasso, and the member of the General Council of the party, Abdul Karim Sarukhan.

The two sides also used the occasion to talk about the political developments in the region and the course of the political process.

The two sides stressed the importance of resolving the Syrian crisis and ending the sufferings of the Syrian people by adopting dialogue and negotiation away from speeches and slogans that are not related to patriotism.

The Democratic Union Party held its eighth conference on February 24-25 in the city of Rumailan, east of Qamishlo. Aisha Hasso and Anwar Muslim were elected for co-chair of the party.

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March 07, 2020