The Syrian Democratic Council

Statement on occasion of International Women’s Day

On March 8th, the world celebrates the International Women’s Day. At the beginning, we congratulate all women of the world on the anniversary of this day, which began to commemorate the activists who protested against mechanisms of work to achieve gender equality. Some of them sacrificed their lives in order to improve the conditions of women’s life, then for right to vote and elect, their political rights and for equality with men in rights and duties, in a difficult process that started in factories and ended in corridors of the United Nations through many international stations and decades of years, to be completed by a UN decision that adopts March 8 to be an International Women’s Day all over the world.
We receive March 8th this year, and women are still suffering from various types of abuse, persecution and other social issues that women experience on daily basis with every bite they eat and with every breath they breathe, there are tens of thousands of cases of violence that occur annually at global level. This means that women are still an inactive component in the ruling regimes, but they are always affected by them and are their supportive, because of their organizational weakness and their weak awareness level.
After decades of suffering and enduring despotism, Syrian women are also considered the most affected segment of society since outbreak of the Syrian crisis nine years ago, as they suffer from tragedies of war every day from killing, rape, violence, and displacement, and even dealing with them as a commodity under the rule of terrorist organizations as ISIS. They are prohibited from exercising their rights to live in the areas of control of extremist factions linked to terrorist organization of Al Qaeda. This is also the case for women under Baathist regime.
On the other hand, the name of women in N-E Syria was associated with courage and sacrifice, as they fought and faced the most powerful terrorist organization the world has known, and fought alongside men for freedom, peace, and decent living. Women became involved in political, social, cultural, and economic life, transformed into a contributing and essential partner in building a community.

On this occasion, we remember all our martyrs who drew with their blood epics of heroism and resistance, led by the Secretary-General of the Future Syria Party and member of the Presidential Council of SDC , Hevrin Khalaf, who fought for a democratic, pluralistic and just Syria. She martyred for those goals, as she was targeted by the terrorist terrorist brigades linked to Turkish State. Such criminal brain is the product of the male mentality.
We in the Democratic Syria Council and on the occasion of International Women’s Day congratulate all revolutionaries and our heroines in Women’s Protection Units and the Syrian Democratic Forces who contributed to establishing security and stability, defeating terrorism and its supporters. We confirm that we are continuing to support women and their right to equality and reject all forms of violence and discrimination against them, as we call the whole world to move for the liberation of women and achievement of justice, equality and their empowerment. We also affirm that the issue of women is the issue of men at the same time, as they are responsible at the same level for liberating themselves from deposits of male mentality to achieve a free democratic society.

Wish the best for all women in the world

The Syrian Democratic Council
March 07, 2020