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Ilham Ahmed: Women in N-E Syria have made a remarkable leap in all aspects

Ronahi Newspaper made a dialogue with the president of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, on relationship between women and politics, and how they played a prominent role in all aspects in N-E Syria, where she said: “Women are more effective in community politics when we pave the way for them . She pointed out that women in N-E Syria were able to achieve great achievements; women have not achieved them at the global level yet.

She emphasized that the involvement of Syrian women in the political field was not their first experience. However, through their great experience in Self-Administration, they have achieved a remarkable leap that they became at the forefront of the political scene and all other fields.

This is the text of the interview:

Q. What does politics mean; and to what extent this concept applied in practice?

A. The definition of politics is common among societies that live under the shadow of central state system, which has replaced the interests of society with its interests, and all energies, including human society, have been harnessed to serve its interests, in the name of serving the nation abbreviated with borders of the state. The society was also shortened to the state, when politics serves the state, this means that it also serves the society, so the policy was restricted to a ruling group responsible for the parish.

In fact, politics is not the prerogative of a small ruling group, but rather it is the prerogative of the entire society, and when it is defined in its correct form, politics means dealing with problems, shortcomings and needs, discussing and proposing solutions to them, setting up the implementation mechanism and handing it over to competent executors of societies. What is happening now with ruling systems and societies is to completely remove society from the role of the actor in politics to become the object.

Q. What is the relationship of women to politics, and can they practice it in practice?

A. Of course, women are more effective in societal policy, when the opportunity opens for them, and when they make their way towards effectiveness, the main axis in politics is society that concerns man, and society includes nature and environment. Putting down policies that serve all these aspects is the prerogative of women first, because they are closer to nature, environment and society than men. However this does not mean that men stay away from these concepts in cultural, not biological issues. Because of the confinement and work of women within the framework of domestic service for thousands of years, and allocation of other fields to men, politics has gradually become the prerogative of men. Thus, men can be responsible for societal and environmental disasters of policies of male culture that have devoured everything. In order for life to be balanced, it is necessary for women to be given an equal role with men and to reconsider all policies that have been practiced so far.

Q. Can you talk about women in N-E and Syria, and their prominent role in achievements that have been done?

A. To be humble, I can say that women in N-E Syria have been able to make achievements that women have not did at the global level yet. The Syrian women’s involvement in political field was not the first experience they had , but the quality of engagement is the basis. We have heard women in pages of history with their work and activities in field of administrative and political work. However, for women to work under harsh conditions of war, to face death on daily basis, to suffer from obstacles of male society, to be able to achieve success in this aspect, to serve women and society, and to strive to change the policies of ruling regimes; here the difference is. Now there are women who have a prominent role in international politics, and they do the same work that men do. Nevertheless, I say that women in N-E Syria are still need a lot of work in order to save themselves from thinking of male society, in order to be more creative, renewed , they must be educated, attentive, interactive and active at the same time, and to give positive energy in the most difficult circumstances, and not only to sacrifice..

Q. Today, women are present at conferences and meetings on Syrian crisis. What does this suggest?

A. Unfortunately, at the Syrian level, women are still far from international meetings to solve Syrian crisis, there are few I can talk about, who worked in a personal effort despite the policies produced by the ruling regime and fraying opposition that prevented women from exercising this right. However, in N-E Syria, thanks to feminist and intellectual organizations that relied on women as a fundamental member to restore balance to life, women were able to change this situation and push them to experience a very difficult experience by participating in such international meetings, to raise very complex issues inherited from immemorial time , with audacity and self-confidence, that confidence comes from their confidence in justice of their cause and the cause of their people and work for it .

Q .How do you see woman’s view of current events and conspiracies being done against Syria as a whole?

A. Not only woman are aware of truth of conspiracy being done against Syria, but the entire oppressed feel unfair. However, the point is that they should understand what you can do about this conspiracy. Often the omission of reality plays an essential role in success of conspiracy. What Syrians do with conspiracy is to submit to it and follow its path, not confront it. Everyone knows that the occupied Turkish state plays a negative role in this conspiracy. However, what do Syrians do? It seems that the Syrians, like the drowning man who clings to a straw to save himself from drowning, are walking with the current. And because the Syrian crisis was distorted, the facts were lost in blurring of ideas, knowing that there is no need for deep thinking to reveal the facts, there is a regime that insists on tyranny, and there is an intervention that insists on dispersion and engagement. Everything that happens is at the expense of Syrian people and women in particular.

Q. The primary goal of the colonial powers was to target women. Could women face that?

A. Yes, in N-E Syria, women were able to face the conspiracy, at least keeping themselves from falling into trap of conspiracy, and took the lead role to lead the most difficult military, political and social stages, in addition to participating in construction process strongly, and putting the basic ideas of how to build a free democratic society. And how participatory to be between men and women, and between societies as a whole, women were the first to develop and implement this in working life. However, we still see setbacks in some areas of life, including persistent suicides, early marriage, etc.

In other parts of Syria, especially the regions that have suffered from Islamic extremist thought, women have not been able to overcome the customs that compel them to pursue a certain life imposed on them . From my perspective, I see that the major conspiracy that the women were subjected to was in that part, and woman still see themselves persecuted, especially the areas which follows Baath and crude Arabism.

Q. Is there a word you can direct to women on International Women’s Day?

My love for all women who make efforts and sacrifices in order to save themselves and their society from the catastrophe that brought us to abyss. My confidence is great and my hope is that this effort will not go waste, my confidence is great that these efforts will be written with golden water on pages of history. Yes, women rewrite history and correct it from now on, men will not be the only one who control history, but woman also work that way through their struggle, beauty, pride, and self-confidence, as Arin Mirkane, Hevrin Khalaf, Avesta Khabour, their companions, and thousands of women who are still charting the path of freedom through organized efforts.

My own message for the detainees, the kidnappings and forcibly disappeared, every year, your day is prosper, every day that you spend in darkness of prisons, light will come with it . For all women, in order to move dark, we must transform every moment of our life into struggle and resistance in face of grievances, male culture, and rude femininity.

Quoted from
Ronahi Newspaper