The Syrian Democratic Council

Statement To Public Opinion

The seventy- four anniversary of evacuation comes at a time when Syria is burdened with many challenges and crises that afflict both the region and the world. Our country is witnessing exceptional circumstances, as there are more than half of the Syrians outside their homes, between LDPs and refugees in all parts of the world, destruction of infrastructure and remarkable decline at living standard.The Syrian crisis deepened more through Turkey’s occupation of several regions in north Syria, in which it committed various forms of crimes against humanity, including systematic displacement of native population as in Afrin, Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ain, and a demographic change in these areas that are added to other Syrian areas that were subjected to forced demographic change and taking over of capabilities of their people and civilians. Likewise, the novel Corona pandemic has complicated the Syrian crisis at a time when this pandemic is politicized and five million Syrians are prevented from delivering any international, regional or even local aid to address this epidemic. Ankara regime contributes to this epidemic by its dominating on Syrian people in NE Syria through intentional neglect. In addition to its continuous threat to invade the whole of north Syria, empowering terrorist groups and their mercenaries according to the same way that Ankara intended in Idlib, blackmailing Europe through influx of refugees and terrorists into it and creating a terrorist bridge through which the entire region extending from northern Syria to western Libya, is threatened.

The Syrian Democratic Council – SDC, on this national occasion, heads to the entire people of Syria in every part of it and hopes that the next year will be the year of détente and solution, it affirms that all Syrian patriots and their various ethnic, national, religious and sectarian components must be full responsible. What we live today is more difficult than the period in which our ancestors and fathers lived 72 years ago. We are in a stage that requires showing spirit of resistance to obtain the second independence; and working realistically to solve the Syrian crisis according to its political path guided by the relevant international resolutions. The forefront of which is the resolution 2254 in order to restore our abducted country to its people and achievement of Syria as a decentralized democratic state according to its civilized, historical position, multiplicity and diversity of its cultures.

Every evacuation and Syria is fine

The Syrian Democratic Council

April 17, 2020