The Syrian Democratic Council

Statement On The Occasion Of International Labor Day

The Syrian Democratic Council  offers sincere congratulations to the workers in Syria, and throughout the world, on the occasion of the International Labor Day, which marks on the first of May every year. It affirms their fruitful and distinguished role in production, construction and economic progress of any nation.

Syrian workers have continuously suffered from injustice, persecution, and exploitation of efforts, and they were framed in organizations that did not serve their lives and did not improve their treatment, all legislation that seeks to develop treatment, improving services and holding responsibilities to the workers themselves remained ink on paper, due to partisan, regional, and sectarian favoritism. The workers were always an instrument of exploitation by the ruling party, which made the labor occasions festive events for glorification of the party and the leader, speeches without achievements and promises without implementation.

Strengthening the role of the labor movement is by overcoming difficulties and challenges, and making concrete efforts to provide job opportunities, especially for youth and women, facing the challenge of unemployment, promoting rights and freedoms, respect for noble values and principles established by labor and global trade union struggle, and affirming democratic practice to reach best relations between labor organizations and state agencies and institutions, whether in labor legislation or business administration.

The most important requirements for solidarity with Syrian workers begin with stopping war, preventing fighting and securing peace, so that people go to their work safely, the continuation of war by all parties is killing of work due to sabotage of economic cycle and diversified production, as production shifted to arms market, to  formation of fighting factions and production in war Instead of forming working groups, production in life and economic progress.

Defending social and economic rights of Syrian workers requires looking at their conditions in the countries of asylum, where their dignity is abused, their efforts are exploited and profiteering at the expense of the Syrians by international organizations.

Expressing credibility in supporting workers is by creating job opportunities for all, eliminating unemployment, relative compensation for the unemployed, and granting rewarding salaries and repayments based on the amount of benefits at living standards, housing needs, transportation, health services and at the level of educational attainment and work risks.

The current economic situation in Syria, deterioration of living standard, collapse of currency, poor wages and expensive prices, the government is responsible for them all, because it is busy with confronting the people and considering them an enemy unless they are subject to its policies, and because of lack of response to the requirements of a political solution, rampant corruption and war economy, which is supervised by brokers and potentates by all parties, their goal is profiteering everything, until the worker’s body became a commodity that is shattered and thrown in the open without mercy. Women have no job opportunities in all regions and have become a target for exploitation, they and childhood have turned into a commodity for every exploiter and looter, especially in the countries of asylum. Favoritism, regionalism, and sectarianism did not stop discrimination in treatment and in equal work opportunities, which increased the tragedies of devastating Syrian war. What made matters worse, is the prevailing of Corona epidemic this year, which has exacerbated unemployment, halted job market, increased tragedies of hunger and fear of disease.

We in the Syrian Democratic Council, as we applaud the important role done by Self-Administration of North and East Syria in relative stability, support for workers and distinction at the level of wages from the rest of the regions. We call on the Self-Administration to take necessary measures to insure basic items, prevent monopoly, control prices and raise the wages to match citizen’s standard of living. We call upon the Administration to provide best methods in dealing with workers, best practices in achieving their goals, sincere responsibilities for all classes of the people, to follow advanced legislation to improve life conditions, sustainable development and economic stability.


Greetings to workers on their day.

Greetings to Syrian workers .

We are waiting together for a new dawn in which the demands of workers and Syrian people in security, stability and progress to be fulfilled.


April 30, 2020

The Syrian Democratic Council

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