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The Syrian Democratic Council Honors the Employees of Afrin Hospital in Al-Shahba

The Syrian Democratic Council has honored the medical and technical staff at Afrin Hospital, located in Fafeen sub-district in Al-Shahba area, in appreciation for their efforts to prevent Coronavirus infection, especially among the camps of Afrin internally displaced persons.
The honor comes in appreciation for the efforts made by the staff of Afrin Hospital, in outreach, preventive and health aspects, and its effective contribution despite limited capabilities, as Al-Shahba area is overcrowded by IDPs of Afrin region.
For his part, the director of the hospital, Othman Sheikh Issa, valued this beautiful gesture, noting that this honor is for all workers in health sector, praising efforts of health-sector workers in maintaining health system and its continued provision of services to residents of Al-Shahba area and its camps.
It is noteworthy that Afrin Hospital equipped ambulances and medical crews with protective clothing on all crossings entering Al-Shahba district.
Laser heat detectors were distributed to crossings, camps, all medical points and Kurdish Red Crescent centers.
A quarantine center in the village of Al Wardiya, a therapeutic medical center equipped with special isolation rooms for patients, an intensive care room equipped with artificial respirators and a radiology laboratory in the village of Hassajk were prepared.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
May 06, 2020

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