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A Delegation From SDC And Senate Commission Visit Sheikh of Arab Jawala Tribe

Yesterday evening, a delegation from the Syrian Democratic Syria Council – SDC and Senate Commission in North and East Syria visited Sheikh of Arab Jawala tribe, in his hospitality hall in the village of “Makrinat” located in the countryside of Tirbespieh (east of Qamishlo).
The delegation of SDC included , Ilham Ahmed, the President of the Executive Committee of SDC, Jihad Omar, the joint head of the Public Relations Office, and ,Hakam Khalo, in addition to both , Hikmat Habib, deputy chief of the Executive Committee , Ali Rahmon, member of Public Relations Office and others from the Senate Commission. Whereas, the sheikh of Jawala Tribe, Faisal Rashid Muhammad and a number of the tribemen received the visiting delegation.
The meeting discussed the developments taking place in the Syrian and regional scene, and files concerning about Arab tribes in north and east Syria in particular.
The meeting also discussed the measures taken by the Self-Administration of North and East Syria to prevent the global epidemic of Corona, as Sheikh Faisal Muhammad praised the efforts made by the Self-Administration to protect the people of the region from spreading of this pandemic.
The meeting discussed the general economic situation in Syria and its collapse, which negatively affects the lives of Syrians in general.
On the other hand, the president of the Executive Committee, Ilham Ahmed, praised the role of the tribes in protecting civil peace, as the tribesmen within the SDF – had a prominent role in combating the terrorist organization ISIS.
The sheikh of Arab Jawala tribe, Sheikh Faisal Muhammad, stressed the necessity of joining tribesmen throughout Syria to succeed efforts to end the Syrian crisis, and expelling the Turkish occupier from all Syrian lands, praising the experience of Self-Administration of North and East Syria and its role in avoiding the region from many conflicts and strives.
It is worth noting that the Syrian Democratic Council, since its establishment in late 2015 as a political umbrella for the Syrian Democratic Forces and as a political reference for Self-Administration, paid attention to all groups and segments of the Syrian society, especially the tribes, and on May 03, 2019, SDC organized a forum for the Syrian tribes at the Syrian level, attended by more than five thousand dignitaries, sheikhs and different groups of society.

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May 16, 2020

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