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The Co- Chair, A Delegation From SDC And The Senate Pay A Visit To Sheikh Zaid Al-Jarba

The co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council Amina Omar, a delegation from SDC and the Senate in North and East Syria paid a visit to Sheikh Zaid Awainan Al-Asi Al-Jarba, Sheikh of Arab Jerba tribe, at his residence in the village of Tal Ghazal in the countryside of the city of Rumailan (east of Qamishlo).
The meeting discussed the current issues and files, especially the Syrian crisis and ways to end it in accordance with international decisions, in a way that ensures Syria’s building on the principles of equality, justice and rule of law.
The co-chair of SDC, Amina Omar, talked about the endeavor of the Syrian Democratic Council to reach Syria to be a decentralized democracy, and about the efforts made by SDC in order to unify the democratic opposition forces, whether inside or outside the Syrian state, to build national consensus among those forces.
The meeting discussed the economic situation in Syria, as they talked about the suffocating economic crisis that the Syrian citizen is paying its tax along the country.
On the other hand, the delegation of SDC and the Senate in North and East Syria talked about the necessity of cohesion and solidarity among the people of the Syrian people, especially the tribes, because they have a role in societal construction, confronting terrorism and strives that are being done against the people of ancient Arab tribes in the regions of north and easte Syria.

In turn, Sheikh Zaid Awainan Al-Assi Al-Jarba stressed the necessity of standing all the tribesmen in the face of strives and unrest raised by ISIS remnants, its sleeping cells and the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation. This has become a priority for exiting of this occupation force from all Syrian lands.
The ancient Arab clan of al-Jarba ( Shamar Tribe) is one of the tribes that is widespread in neighboring Arab countries and is known for its generosity, frankness, courage and authentic ethics.

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May 17, 2020