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SDC Meets The Elders Of Alyasar Clan of Arab Altay Tribe

The Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) and the Senate Commission of North and East Syria, met with the sheikh of Alyasar clan of Arab Tay tribe in the residence of the latter in the village of Cordoba in the countryside of Tal Hamis (south of Qamishlo).
The SDC delegation included, Ilham Ahmed, the president of the Executive Committre of SDC, Ali Rahmoun, from Public Relations Office of SDC, Ilham Omar, Seifin Hamo, from Women’s Office of SDC and the members of the Senate Commission , Hakam Khloo, Mansour Salloum, Hebner Hassan, and Fouad Al-Basha.
Sheikh Hussein Dhiyab Al-Ali of Alyasar clan , as well as a number of the clan elders received SDC delegation, in sheikh AlAli’s hospitality hall in the village of Cordoba in the countryside of Tal Hamis.
The meeting started with a discussion of the political, economic conditions in the country and the course of the Syrian crisis that ended its ninth year without a clear crystallization of a comprehensive and final solution.
The delegation of the Syrian Democratic Council shed light on the democratic project presented by SDC to solve the Syrian crisis in line with the relevant international decisions, pointing out that the Syrian people with all their components and sections are suffering from continuation of the crisis and recently it has worsened due to deteriorating economic conditions.
SDC delegation continued discussion of the efforts made by the Syrian Democratic Council in order to reunite the democratic opposition, adding that SDC has always expressed its willingness to dialogue and negotiate with all parties and give priority to the interests of the Syrian people above all considerations.
In turn, the president of the Executive Committee of SDC, Ilham Ahmed, spoke about the challenges and obstacles that limit the solution to the Syrian crisis, adding that the Turkish occupation of the Syrian territories was the decisive factor in exacerbating the suffering of the Syrians and prolonging the crisis.
Ahmed added that the Turkish state is taking advantage of the Syrian people to implement its goals and occupation expansionist plans, as it recruits Syrians to send them to Libya and other countries to implement Ankara’s aggressive policies towards neighboring countries.

Sheikh Hussein Dhiyab Al-Ali stressed the necessity of cohesion and solidarity of all Syrians in order to remove the Turkish occupier from the Syrian territories, adding that they support SDF in fighting terrorism and occupation.
Al-Ali thanked Self-Administration of North and East Syria, as well as SDC and SDF for their attention to the role of tribes for their place in protecting civil peace and promoting the values ​​of coexistence and brotherhood.

The meeting concluded with a talk about how to avoid the areas of Self-Administration from repercussions of US sanctions on the central government in Damascus, expressing their regret for what the Syrians suffered as a result of the policies of the authority in Damascus, its intransigence and continued behavior rejecting the solution.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
May 18, 2020