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SDC And The Senate Commission Continue to Meet Arab Tribes And Clans

The Syrian Democratic Council and the Senate Commission of North and East Syria continue to meet Arab tribes and clans in the region in framework of exchanging views and uniting efforts to face current challenges.
In its last meeting, the Syrian Democratic Council met with sheikh of Al-Salem clan of Arab al-Sada tribe, in his village in the countryside of Tal Hamis sub-district.
The delegation of SDC included the co-chair, Amina Omar, the co-chair of the Public Relations Office, Jihad Omar, the deputy chair of the Executive Committee, Hekmat Habib and, Ilham Omar, member of the Presidential Council. The delegation included also members of the Senate Commission: Hakam Kha lo, Mansour Salloum, Hanbar Hassan and Fouad Al-Basha.
Sheikh Badran Ahmed Al-Salem, sheikh of Al-Salem clan greeted them, along with many dignitaries and senates of Al-Salem clan.
The meeting focused on discussing the situation in Syria and the challenges facing the Syrian people in general and the regions of north and east Syria in particular.
The co-chair of SDC, Amina Omar, talked about the Turkish state taking advantage of the Syrian people and their economical living conditions to use them as soldiers on demand for sending them to Libya and other countries to implement Turkey’s ambitions and expansionist policies.

Omar praised the effective role of clans in raising awareness and limiting the Turkish state’s exploitation of Syrian youth, adding that the tribesmen had a clear imprint in combating and defeating terrorism.
For his part, Sheikh Badran Ahmed Al-Salem thanked the delegation for its visit, and continued that the region needs to unite efforts and people to remove the Turkish occupier from all Syrian lands.

Al-Salem presented a number of demands of local people concerning service aspect, considering that the region has not witnessed development for decades despite availability of resources.

This meeting is part of a series of meetings held by the Syrian Democratic Council and the Senate Commission of North and East Syria for listening and exchanging views with members of Arab tribes in the region.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
May 19, 2020

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