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With the Participation of SDC, Aleppo Cultural Forum Holds a Dialogue Symposium

Aleppo Cultural Forum held a dialogue symposium entitled “Towards Consolidating Common Brotherhood and Facing Challenges” in presence of representatives of political parties, independent personalities and intellectuals, with participation of the Syrian Democratic Council.
The symposium dealt with three axes, where the first topic discussed Kurdish-Arab relationship historically and common ties between them “religiously, culturally, socially, away from authority and ruling regimes” in which the member of the Presidential Council of the Syrian Democratic Council Mari Al-Shibli gave a lecture.

While at the second axis, the administrator at the Women’s Office, Najlaa Hamza, talked about the crimes that the Turkish state committed against Syrian people historically and touched on Turkish violations against all Syrians in the areas it occupied during the crisis.

The third lecture dealt with the suffering of Syrian women under the Turkish occupation, and the exploitation of women, in which the member of Relations Office, Fatima Al-Husaynu gave s lecture

Al-Husaynu highlighted the recruitment of Syrian minor children, sending them to Libya, plunging them into war, deceiving them and their families on pretext of working and luring them with fake salaries and concessions.

Through interventions, the attendees stressed the necessity of strengthening Kurdish-Arab relations and rest of the components, consolidating principle of brotherhood of peoples, coexistence to face crises and challenges facing the country and ending all forms of occupation of Syrian lands.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
May 22, 2020

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