The Syrian Democratic Council

Riad Darrar : SDC is Going on its Path And There Is No Alternative to the Unity of Democratic Forces

Riyad Darrar, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council – SDC – affirmed that they are proceeding with their political project that has the mechanism of transition from the state of tyranny to the desired decentralized democratic system, which safeguards the territorial integrity of Syria, its people and preserves the rights of its components constitutionally.

Darrar spoke in a dialogue with the media office of SDC about the state of fragmentation that afflict the Syrian opposition, the multiplicity of its references and its loss of role and value that the Syrian people gave them to it at the beginning of the crisis.
Several gatherings emerged from the opposition’s activities and became several platforms; all of them participated in the formation of negotiating body and it was supposed to present the Syrian issue to every interest, and to give an ideal for solution and participating all without exclusion or exception.
The co-chair of SDC added that they sought to meet all those platforms and forces to dialogue with them, and thus to reach understandings that serve the Syrian issue.
Darrar added that they in the Syrian Democratic Council, were excluded from participating because of subjective reasons and other reasons related to interference by some countries in the path of the negotiating body, the constitutional committee and other tracks.
On the upcoming meeting of the Syrian negotiating body, Darrar assures that if SDC is not involved in preparing and producing the results of those meetings, they ( SDC ) are not concerned with their outputs in light of exclusion and exception of SDC from such gatherings, at a time when we do not want this opposition to be another picture of the tyranny regime.
Darrar added that they in SDC, form the Syrian platform operating from inside the country and meet with democratic forces in order to give this Syrian platform its right, role and presence in all actions and activities that seek the Syrian solution.
He added that the only organized force in all Syria is SDC, which meets democratic forces to form their platform for all future entitlements and be able to win the true battle of Syria.
Darrar said that the democratic form that we hope will face the national chauvinist mentality that tries to impose itself, in addition to the religious mentality that in turn tries to establish itself as an entity.
Darrar, the co-chair of SDC concluded his speech:
“The mechanism pursued by institutions in north.and east Syria is a decentralized democratic system that seeks to achieve the rights of all components and recognize them constitutionally and even to recognize the opposition legally to be a force that directs the path and faces apparent errors by criticism and exercises its legal role in any subsequent change through legal and real elections.”

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council

June 3, 2020