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The Public Relations Office of SDC .. Continuous Efforts to Gather Democratic Opposition Forces

After more than three months of the case of virtual meetings via video technology due to outbreak of Corona epidemic, today the regular meeting of the Public Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Council was held, and on its agenda is the unification of the Syrian democratic forces and the trend towards an effective representation of the diverse Syrian spectrum.

The meeting, which was held at the headquarter of SDC in the city of Qamishlo, was attended by the co-chair of the Public Relations Office, Jihad Omar, and members of the office from various regions inside the country and the missions of SDC in Washington, Cairo, Kurdistan region of Iraq and Europe via video technology. The co-chair chair of SDC, Amina Omar, had also attended the meeting.

The meeting started with a discussion of the political scene, its developments in Syria and the repercussions of regional and international events on the Syrian file and the deepening crisis in the country nine years ago.
The meeting also discussed a number of challenges facing the Syrians in general, especially recently, the severity of the economic crisis and the deterioration of the value of the Syrian currency, as the co-chair, Amina Omar, stressed the need to mitigate and avoid the Syrian people from the effects and possible repercussions of the implementation of Caesar’s law by the United States of America against the government in Damascus.

On the other hand, the meeting discussed extensively about gathering democratic opposition, which is one of outputs of series of dialogue workshops that were held in separate periods in several European capitals and cities.
On this, the co-chair of the Public Relations Office, Jihad Omar, said: The Syrian Democratic Council has not been detached from the path of gathering democratic blocs and forces and uniting their efforts to move towards achieving desired democratic transition.

In a related context, the meeting evalued the first phase of the dialogue of Kurdish forces and parties in Syria, in response to an initiative launched by the commander-in-chief of the SDF, Mazloum Abdi, in October, 2019.

The meeting continued to evaluate the activities of the Public Relations Office inside the country and abroad through its offices and representations, stressing the intensification of diplomatic meetings to highlight the project of SDC and its vision for a solution by ending the state of occupations of the Syrian territories, especially the Turkish occupier, and moving towards Syria to be democratic decentralization.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council

June 01, 2020