The Syrian Democratic Council

The President of the Executive Committee Meets Civil Institutions in Aleppo

The president of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, met with a number of civil institutions and social groups as part of her tour to the city of Aleppo.
Ahmed met with the families of martyrs in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood, and praised the great role of their sons in protecting the region from terrorism and preserving the country’s unity and its soil.
She touched on the practices of the Turkish state and its mercenaries, their sabotage, killing, theft and destruction of the shrines of martyrs, which are of great importance to their families. She highlighted practising of worst forms of torture by such mercenarie against the people.
Ahmed stressed that we must be faithful to the blood of the martyrs by ending tyranny, liberating the occupied lands and building a democratic, decentralized Syria that is free from intolerance, discrimination and respects pluralism.

In another context, the President of the Executive Committee met with a number of doctors, pharmacists, industrialists and craftsmen, she spoke about the challenges facing the country in light of deterioration of the value of Syrian currency and approaching application of economic sanctions.
Ahmed indicated that the Syrian people are suffering from the consequences of the central government policy in Damascus and its adoption of military option in dealing with the demands of the people, overriding all dialogue and negotiation initiatives presented by the Syrian Democratic Council that could have avoided the country from what the situation has reached now.
She also praised the role of medical personnel in dealing during Corona pandemic crisis and urged them to help people and provide aid, noting that the life of the individual is more valuable than anything else.
The president of the Executive Committee “Ilham Ahmed, concluded by calling on all to assume their responsibilities and solidarity so that the country can pass this stage, whether in political, economic or social aspects.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council

June 09, 2020