The Syrian Democratic Council

Turkey From Demographic Change To Imposing Its Currency In Northern Syria

According to activists, the Turkish state is working to implement gradually the full treatment in Turkish lira.This included the salaries of councils and civil institutions within the cities and towns occupied by the Turkish state and the mercenary factions associated with it.

This came after quantities of the Turkish currency reached Idlib countryside through the branches of the General Directorate of Turkish Post “PTT”, in preparation for adoption such currency in trading instead of the Syrian pound. The new amount of the Turkish lira included many categories, including, one pound, ten pounds, five pounds, and twenty lira, to be put on the market through “Sham Bank” in Idlib countryside, a bank that was established by the faction of “Haya’at Tahrir Al-Sham” in June, 2018, according to what the Turkish mercenary media circulated at the time.

The project of offering the Turkish currency in Idlib and working by it came after the approval of the Syrian interim government affiliated with the Syrian coalition and local councils in the region to replace the Syrian pound with Turkish lira, and as a first step to implement the project is to give workers in all institutions their salaries in Turkish lira.

It is assumed that trading in the Turkish lira will start in buying and selling operations during the next few days after the availability of small coins of Turkish currency as an alternative to the Syrian lira, which is witnessing a great devaluation in the last period against dollar with the application of the date of implementation of Caesar Law

Local sources had confirmed earlier this week that some sectors began pricing their contributions in Turkish lira such as electricity, the Internet, gold and even bread in a number of regions.

The Syrian pound recently recorded a record low against the US dollar, as the devaluation of the Syrian pound coincided with a crazy rise in the prices of basic materials and medicines, at a time when economic reports revealed that more than 82% of Syrians are living below poverty line.

While the city of Afrin, its suburbs and surrounding villages are witnessing a state of poverty and a low standard of living, as the region is witnessing a situation of exorbitant price rises in basic materials.

Furthermore, continuous violations against defenseless civilians are being done, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have worked on demographic change in the region, in addition to daily kidnappings and theft that made the city of peace, Afrin, a city of chaos and terror.