The Syrian Democratic Council

The Women’s Office in SDC Is Organizing A Workshop On Women’s Political Participation

The Women’s Office of the Syrian Democratic Council organized a workshop on “Women and Political Participation”, with the participation of women’s organizations and activities in political parties and civil institutions.
The workshop covered several axes, which focused on the difficulties that limit the active participation of women in political life.
The member of the Women’s Office “Hana’a Muhammad Ali” talked about the era in which the ruling authorities deliberately excluded women and marginalized their role in political decision-making and thus such authorities limited womem’s participation in various aspects of public life.
On the other hand, Muhammad Ali highlighted the effectiveness of women in political process and their pioneering role in progress and development of societies.
In this context, it was necessary to talk about the experience of the Women’s Office in the Syrian Democratic Council and its role in empowering and encouraging women to participate in political life and decision-making, similar to their participation in other aspects of public life after success and effectiveness of their participation in military side in the SDF- that defeated terrorism and extremist ideology.This contributed to changing the stereotype that prevailed during the Syrian crisis over women.

The workshop witnessed interventions and opinions expressed by the attendees. They also praised the role of the Women’s Office in the Syrian Democratic Council in empowering women and raising awareness in aspects of political culture and activating their role in public life.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
June 16, 2020