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The Syrian National Assembly Announces Its Joining To The Syrian Democratic Council

The Syrian National Assembly announced that it joined to the Syrian Democratic Council ( SDC ) through a press conference held yesterday evening, Wednesday, in Austrian capital, Vienna.

The press conference was launched in the presence of co-president of the Syrian Democratic Council, Riyad Darrar, the President of the Syrian National Assembly, Mohamed Bermo, members of the political office of the Assembly, in addition to a number of political parties and figures and those interested in the Syrian issue as well as many media and TV channels.

The statement was read by the Vice-President of the Syrian National Assembly, Amir Zaidan, in which he announced the decision to join the Syrian National Assembly in the national project represented by the Syrian Democratic Council.

The statement stated that the decision to join to SDC came as a culmination of a series of understandings and meetings with the Syrian Democratic Council during last stage to achieve political transition from tyranny and dictatorship regime to a democratic system in which all Syrians of all their ethnic and religious components share equal rights and duties, on principle of full citizenship without discrimination, under inclusive Syrian national identity, which reflects richness and diversity that were and still are the most prominent characteristic of Syrian society throughout history.

The statement announced a set of principles and goals, considering them as a basis for joint work and urgent tasks in their program during
current stage.

The statement concluded that the decision of the Syrian National Assembly to join the Syrian Democratic Council is an affirmation of the unity of the Syrian people, the importance of East Euphrates region as an integral part of the Syrian homeland, that the political process must notice the national political forces in this region and give them their natural place in the region.

The co-president of the Syrian Democratic Council, Riyad Darrar, considered that the joining of the Syrian National Assembly to SDC is an advanced stage in giving a picture of all existing political forces that the Syrians can unite their positions and orientations to reach the common goal, which is the unification of democratic forces.

Darrar continued that the Syrian Democratic Council was preparing to hold a comprehensive conference for the forces of democratic opposition, after completing a series of dialogue workshops held in several European capitals and cities. He stressed that the Syrian Democratic Syria is keen to communicate with all democratic forces, that there is no alternative to achieving national consensus and avoiding approaches that do not serve the urgent national issue.
The co- president reaffirmed that they in the Syrian Democratic Council are working for Syria, do not pose a threat to anyone and are looking to weave good relations with neighboring countries based on mutual respect and principles of good neighborliness.

Darrar said that the weapons should not be directed to spilling the blood of Syrians, but rather in order to protect the Syrians from terrorism and extremism, and to reach Syria to be free from terrorism, occupation and tyranny.
It is worth noting that the Syrian National Assembly, founded and launched its national project in September 2014 as a political organization that emerged from “Cordoba Working Group” and it includes a number of political figures from various regions and Syrian components, its representatives participated in the dialogue workshops organized by the Syrian Democratic Council in several European capitals during past year .

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June 18, 2020