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The Women’s Office Holds A Workshop On Women And Political Participation

The Women’s Office of the Syrian Democratic Council held a workshop today on women and political participation, with the participation of representatives of political parties, organizations and women’s activities in the city of Qamishlo, northeast of Syria.

The co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council “Amina Omar” and the general coordinator of the Syrian Women Council “Lina Barakat” also attended, where the latter gave a lecture on women and political participation, preceded by a welcome speech by the workshop and administrative coordinator in the Women’s Office of SDC, Janda Muhammad, where she reviewed the workshop themes and its schedule.
Lina Barakat talked about the concept of political participation and its importance for women.
Barakat considered that the participation of women in political life is one of the most important elements of democratic process in a country and reflects nature of political and social system in the country.
She added that the weakness of democratic mechanisms and forces in society contributes to marginalizing women’s political participation.
According to “Barakat”, the degree of community growth is measured by its ability to integrate women into public and private society issues, and to enhance their capabilities to contribute to development process.
Barakat dealt with levels of political participation and its stages, which end in awareness of the need to assume political responsibilities, engage in political activities and all forms of political action and struggle.

Barakat also highlighted the obstacles that prevent women from political participation and mentioned the most prominent of them, such as legal, social, political and other obstacles. She considered the dominance of social heritage and the patriarchal system over prevailing societal customs and traditions, lead to discriminatory values ​​against women and encourage violence against them, which reproduce, impose stereotyped roles for men and women.
Barakat concluded by mentioning how to activate the political participation of women by training and empowering them, encouraging them to engage in public affairs and generalizing a culture of equality, human rights and democracy in addition to spreading a culture of participation in political life.
In turn, the administrator of the Women’s Office, “Janda Muhammad” said that it is impossible to achieve sustainable peace and reach a healthy society without active participation of women in various aspects of life, especially political ones, so the opportunities for achieving comprehensive development will be increased.
On the purpose of holding this workshop, Muhammad mentioned that empowering women politically, socially, administratively, economically, is considered one of the priorities of the Women’s Office in SDC and that SDC is in the process of holding a series of similar workshops with different topics and content.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
June 21, 2020