The Syrian Democratic Council

US Department of State : Turkey Supports Extremists in Syria and Does Not Hold Perpetrators

A report by the US State Department revealed that the Turkish state is supporting extremist groups in north Syria. These groups are accused of war crimes against the local population.

The report pointed out that Turkey is working to allow those groups that committed atrocities to evade accountability and justice.

The report added that the militias supported by Turkish President  Erdogan face widespread accusations of arbitrary arrest, extrajudicial or random killing, and other violations in north Syria.

Through the report, the US State Department expressed its concern about reliable reports of human rights violations committed by the Turkish-backed militias in parts of northeastern Syria that were captured during military operations against fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces, which are partners of the international coalition in fighting ISIS, according to a new report of the general inspector.

The (State Department) informed the general inspector that they had not received any evidence about the trial or prosecution of any of those involved in human rights violations by the ” Syrian interim government” backed by Turkey in north Syria.

The general inspector’s report stated that the Syrian Interim Government has only imprisoned one 19-year-old fighter.

Foreign Ministry officials also told investigators that they are “concerned” about reports of human rights violations in Afrin, which Turkey occupied in March 2018, and also said that groups and factions linked to Turkey are looting homes and archaeological sites, destroying Yazidi religious shrines and kidnapping women for ransom.

The Department of State received reports of “arbitrary arrests, extrajudicial killings, confiscation and resettlement of new population groups on private property, as well as deliberate cutting of access to water for half a million civilians and arbitrary transfer of Syrian detainees from Turkey to Syria,” according to the report of the chief inspector in American Supervisory Authority.

On the other hand, the Pentagon went further than the US State Department and said that Turkey actively supports many militant Islamic militias and groups involved in violent criminal activities.

Turkey has recently been following the drone war in its targeting of activists in the regions of north and east Syria, which the President of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, considered in a tweet through her account that it is an alternative method for attacks, thus it ( Turkey) is gaining international silence and killing anyone it wants, warning that this action is dangerous and a breach of their agreement with Russian and American sides.