The Syrian Democratic Council

Sponsored by SDC, Launching of the Event of “Afrin Calls Us (Syria’s cry )”

The project “Afrin Calls Us (Syria’s Cry)” was launched in Al-Ahdath district in Al-Shahba area, aiming to convey the voice of Afrin displaced people to the world by embodying their suffering in the form of paintings and sculptures.
The works of the exhibition are supervised by the Syrian Democratic Council and the Culture and Art Authority in Afrin region, in the presence of more than 40 artists from Afrin.
The 45-day event includes the production of paintings and sculptures, displaying them in an exhibition held for this purpose, provided that the artworks embody the reality of life in Afrin and the violations and crimes committed by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries against the residents of Afrin.
Regarding the project and its objectives, the administrator in the drawing committee, Sabah Ali said that the event includes production of artworks that embody “the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against the people of Afrin and the crimes they committed like injustice, killing and forced displacement, in addition to the suffering of Afrin people in the camps in al-Shahba district.”
Sabah referred to the measures they took to prevent spread of Coronavirus during the workshop and the necessity for all participants to adhere to preventive measures and to be careful not to form gatherings.
For his part, the member of the Presidency Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, Muhammad Ali Hassan, said that the idea of the project is to embody the suffering of Afrin people and to convey their “voice to all parts of the world.”
As for the project supervisor, the painter, Ardalan Ibrahim, said in this regard, “We aim through this exhibition to document the war in Afrin and its resistance, which lasted for 58 days, and to send a message to the global conscience and human rights organizations to stand against the violations in Afrin.”
The workshop is scheduled to last for a month and a half, during which many paintings and sculptures will be made, followed by the opening of an exhibition in al-Shahba and all regions of north and east Syria.