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The Women’s Office Holds its Second Workshop in the City of Manbij

In continuation for its program in the political empowerment of women under the title “Women’s Political Participation”, the Women’s Office holds its second workshop in the city of Manbij.
Within the framework of the workshops aimed at empowering women and changing the stereotypical image that hinders their access to decision-making centers, the Women Office in the Syrian Democratic Council’s organized today in the city of Manbij, a training workshop for capability-building on empowering and participating of women in the political field.
Participants in the workshop were members of active institutions in the city of Manbij, as well as women’s activities and political parties such as the “Syrian Democratic Alliance Party”, “Modernism and Democracy Party,” “Future Syria Party”, “Women Administration in Manbij”, “Syrian Women’s Council”, “The Joint Presidency of the Legislative Council.” “Deputy of the Executive Council in the city of Manbij” and “Women’s Office in Civil Society Organizations” and members of committees and private offices.The administrator in the Women’s Office “Ilham Omar” presented the obstacles that limit women’s participation in the political process, including legal obstacles and lack of empowerment, political obstacles, the absence of a democratic culture, the dominance of tribal and sectarian mentality, the weak participation of women in political parties and the structure of political systems.
“Ilham Omar” focused on the importance of political participation for women, especially those working within administrative sector within institutions and mechanisms to access equitable political rights for them, noting that they can participate politically by working to change stereotypical roles and cultural mental structures prevailing in society by adopting positive legal discrimination.
The workshop concluded with a set of outputs and recommendations aimed at strengthening the role of women and developing an integrated plan to support the participation of women in political life, including a basic project for work that represents necessary elements in order to improve the participation of women in its ranks and support that participation through mechanisms of empowerment, training and awareness.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
August 22, 2020