The Syrian Democratic Council

Ilham Ahmed: The situation of exclusion applied against the regions of North and East Syria since 1919 must be corrected

Ilham Ahmed, the president of the executive committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, said that the residents of the northern and eastern regions of Syria have always been excluded from participating in the political decision in the Syrian state, since its establishment and holding of its first conference in June 1919, the residents of these areas have not been involved except for the citizen “Hajj Fadel Al-Aboud ” from Deir Ezzor, and he participated as a result of personal relationships at the time.
Ahmed described this exclusion situation as “unjust” against the residents of northern and eastern regions of Syria, which are considered one of the most diverse Syrian regions, and include many components and societal groups that have a role in protecting the Syrian national fabric.
Adding that what they seek in the regions of north and east Syria is the formation of an inclusive national identity through participation of the people of all regions and not excluding any component of the original Syrian components or obliterating one of their national identities or melting them into a single nation.
Ahmed said in an interview with “Sky News Arabia” yesterday evening that the invitation to hold a “meeting of the people of al-Jazeera and al-Forat” is only the first step, which will be followed by other steps that will include similar dialogues and forums with the people of all Syrian regions, leading to formation of an inclusive Syrian identity.

Why starting from northern and eastern regions of Syria?

In her response to the reason for starting from the regions of north and east Syria, “Ahmed” said that these areas were absent and excluded from political life in the Syrian state by the ruling authorities in Damascus, in addition to the exploitation of both the Syrian regime and the Turkish state of the nature of Deir Ezzor areas known to be the region of ancient Arab tribes and clans.
She added that this exclusion is a big and blatant mistake against the residents of northern and eastern Syria. Therefore, according to Ahmed, this must be corrected and the presence of the people of these regions must be secured in political life and decision-making without excluding the people of other Syrian regions.

An inclusive national identity must be formed

In order to avoid the state of exclusion and marginalization that have been applied in Syria over decades and to ensure the participation of all Syrians of all national, religious and other affiliations without discrimination; “Ahmed” said that it is imperative to form an inclusive Syrian national identity, through revival of all Syrian nationalities and the recognition of all Syrian identities.
“Ahmed” added that holding the meeting of the people of al-Jazeera and al-Forat will follow the same path that we seek, which is the formation of a comprehensive Syrian identity, in parallel with the endeavors of the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue that began with the initiative of the Commander in Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which, according to Ahmed, has provoked much confusion and distortion, and the parties that do not want good for these areas have struck these endeavors and ongoing dialogues, stirring up discord and striking stability in these areas which are considered one of the most secure and stable areas in Syria.

Cutting off the road to occupiers and separatists

Concerning the accusations brought by some local, regional and even international parties, the President of the Executive Committee of SDC “Ilham Ahmed” said that what is happening in northern Syria must be considered and observed. Occupying iAfrin region and later Sere Kaniye (Ras al-Ain), Tal Abyad, Idlib and others, will make sure that there is no room for doubt that the Turkish state is the one working to cut off the Syrian lands and thus separate them from the Syrian geography. Thus, we can call the Turkish project in Syria a separatist one.
“Ahmed” concluded that despite the presence of many foreign powers in northern and eastern regions of Syria, the national identity and national character are safeguarded, confirmed by relations of solidarity and brotherhood among the components of the region that aims to preserve the territorial integrity of Syria.
All the terms that are used or the symbols that refer to the separation, we completely reject them, and the participatory management that exists in Autonomous Administration among the components is complete, may be somewhat weak and a section may not participate in it, but through this dialogue and conference among the components of the region, we seek to involve all groups who has not yet been involved in order to participate in decision-making.