The Syrian Democratic Council

The Future Syria Party Holds its Second Conference and Elects a President and a Council for the Party

Under the slogan “a democratic, pluralistic and decentralized Syria”, the activities of the second conference of the Future Syria Party were held today in the city of Raqqa, with broad participation from all components of the region.
Representatives of the Autonomous Administration of north and east Syria, a delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council, the Syrian Democratic Forces, representatives of political parties and independent persons, the Civil Council of Raqqa, and notables and sheikhs of Kurdish and Arab tribes participated in the conference, with the participation of 315 members of the Future Syria Party in north and east Syria, and both Homs and Idlib regions.
The conference activities began with reading the speech of the preparatory committee, and then several successive speeches were delivered, including the speech of “Abd Hamed Al-Mahbash,” the co-chair of the Autonomous Administration of north and east Syria, and the speeches of the Council of Families of Martyrs of the Future Syria Party, delivered by each of the mother of the martyr “Hevrin Khalaf”, the former Secretary-General of the party, who was assassinated by the Turkish occupation factions in October last year and the colleague of the martyr Marwan Al-Fetih, a member of the General Council in Deir Ezzor, and a speech on behalf of the family of the martyr Omar Alloush. The head of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim Al-Qaftan, gave a political speech, followed by reading the political report of the General Council of the party.
Ibrahim Al-Qaftan spoke during his speech about the developments and achievements made by the Future Syria Party between its first and second conferences in light of changing political situations in two years, stressing during his speech that the conference will be a new birth for the party through political vision of the issue, political and organizational momentum and opening the way for women and youth to lead the leadership positions in the party.
“Al-Qaftan” continued his speech that the greatest task awaiting the national democratic forces is to achieve democratic transformation. The first and necessary condition for accomplishing this transformation is the unity of all democratic forces, calling on these forces to accelerate the establishment of their alliance in the form of a front for democratic transformation as the central issue in the political struggle agreed upon by all parties.
After the completion of speeches, the Board of Directors of the session was formed, through which they read the report of the party’s work for a period of two and a half years, then the session opened the way for the attendees to debate and present their proposals on the business report and conference activities in general.
After reading the report, the electoral process began, in which “Ibrahim Al-Qaftan” was elected president of the party, “Siham Daoud” as secretary general, and 139 members were elected to the General Council.
The conference concluded its activities by reading the final statement by the president of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim Al-Qaftan. As it was stated in the outputs of the statement : ” Stopping the war and achieving a sustainable peace in Syria, releasing of detainees, disclosure of the fate of the disappeared , returning of the displaced. the request to refer the file of the martyr Hevrin to specialized international courts and to file a formal case before the International Criminal Court against all those involved in the crime and its supporters, the necessity of the participation of political forces in north and east Syria and their representation in the ongoing political process under the supervision of the United Nations, the desired form of government is a democratic pluralistic Syria with a decentralized parliamentary system and ending all occupations in Syria, especially the Turkish occupation . ”