The Syrian Democratic Council

The Conclusion of the Training Course for the Women of the Parties to Empower Them Intellectually

In the city of Aleppo, the intellectual training course, which was held by the Star Conference in coordination with the Syrian Democratic Council, was concluded with the joining of women from the offices of the local council and a group of women from the Future Syria and Democratic Union parties, in addition to the Syrian Women Council, within the framework of developing and qualifying members from organizational and intellectual point of view.

Under the name of the martyr “Zahra Barkal” course, “Fahmiyeh Hamo”, the member of the Presidency Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, supervised the course, which included various intellectual lectures about the history of the region, which aims to enhance the role of women and convey the true picture of the history of struggle to them, among these lectures are “the natural community, women’s history, principles of women’s liberation.”

At the conclusion of the course, the trainees stressed the importance of this session and the need to organize similar training courses, in order to empower women and enhance their contribution in all fields.

It is worth noting that the martyr “Zahra Barkal” was martyred after the Turkish warplanes bombed the city of Kobani, and the attack resulted in the martyrdom of the members of the Star Conference Coordination who were working in the field of women’s rights and freedom.