The Syrian Democratic Council

A statement for public opinion

The Syrian Democratic Council reviewed the statement issued by the Astana Group on February 17, 2021, in which the guarantor countries that are Iran, Turkey and Russia expressed positions that were not based on the reality of northern and eastern Syria and the role of the Autonomous Administration in preserving the lives of Syrians, ensuring security and stability, combating terrorism and support the unity of the country. The positions were not consistent with the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people.

The Syrian Democratic Council denounces and condemns what was stated in the Astana statement regarding northern and eastern Syria and considers it unfair to the Syrians, and distorts the existing facts, with the aim of solidification the discrimination, spreading a culture of hatred and hostility among Syrians, maintaining the authoritarian regime in power, and making their agendas for dependency and occupation of Syrian lands.
In this regard, the Syrian Democratic Council reaffirms the unity of Syrian lands and defense of Syria, rejects a re-establishment of the tyranny regime, and assures its adherence to the political transition to a decentralized, pluralistic democratic regime that guarantees and protects the rights of all Syrian components.

February 18, 2021
Syrian Democratic Council