The Syrian Democratic Council

A statement of International Women’s Day on 8th March

We are getting ready to celebrate the 8th of March, International Women’s Day, which is an opportunity to celebrate the women who are revolutionary fighters and have spared no effort for the sake of women to achieve their rights, justice and equality in society. We are living at a historical juncture regarding the struggle of women in Syria in general, and in North and East Syria in particular.
The popular movement, which is on the threshold of its eleventh year, has carried within it great tragedies for women, as well as many gains for them. The Syrian woman live in two separate situations according to the ruling authority, in which the injustice and tyranny have increased in the areas where the armed factions and the Syrian regime lie, as they have suffered from the curtailment of their role in society and the revolution, in addition to the practiced oppression on them but on the other hand, the Syrian women in the north and east regions Syria could to achieve a kind of liberation by following and believing in the sacrifices that were made by Syrian and international activists, such as Rosa Luxemburg, Clara Zetkin, Sakina Janses, Arin, Barin and many others.
Although the Syrian women have achieved and played an important role for preserving the security and stability of their country by joining all levels of struggle, whether military, administrative, developmental or political, and they played a leading role in all works, but their path is still long and arduous, so as women are seeking for escalation of the liberation struggle, the male authority is also escalating Its hostile campaigns against women to limit their role, undermine their will and make them irresponsible for important matters in society.
Therefore, it is imperative for women to work to improve the level of struggle constantly in a way that guarantees a decent life for themselves and all women, and not being satisfied with what has been achieved because women in many Syrian regions are still under the control of the tyranny of the male mentality in which all forms of oppression and sexual, racial and social discrimination are practiced on them.
The Syrian Democratic Council members, as all the people around world celebrate International Women’s Day, congratulate all Syrian women on this occasion and hope that all days of the year will be transformed into arenas for liberation. They also look forward to develop the women work at all levels, especially the political aspect by improving the struggle level and ending the marginalization and exclusion.

March 6, 2021
Syrian Democratic Council